About Us

Clutch, Inc. is the brain child of two brothers, myself and Brian Thompson. In the late part of 2006, and over a few cocktails, we dreamed of having a clothing and accessories company that focused on more than one sport, or all of them.

To Brian and I, clutch moments could happen in ANY condition, the basketball court, the drag strip, or the motocross track. Life is full of these moments and we were determined to make sure that they were recognized, regardless of where or how they happened.

However, in the end, life won out and Clutch was put on the back burner and more important family obligations took front stage. In early 2010, Brian moved his family to Denver from the Reno, NV area and the dream of Clutch began to slowly fade away without ever seeing the light of day.

In the spring of 2011, on a Sunday in March, my brother and best friend tragically took his own life. In the wake of Brian's death, I was determined to carry out the dreams that we had both shared. Soon, the steps to make Clutch, Inc. a reality were being walked. All of Clutch, Inc.'s designs are based on the graphic work that Brian created before his death. It's taken me quite a few years, but I'm excited to carry on with his dreams and goals.

I look forward to the days and years ahead. Brian's dream of having a company that recognizes every single person that has had a moment of glory is alive and well. I thank you for taking part in that. We're a small company and just starting, but we're mighty in spirit. All those dreams are coming true and I'll make sure they stay alive.

We are rolling out new products on a regular basis. The store is open and ready for your order!  If the item you are looking for is sold out, we apologize. We are getting new items produced as quickly as we can.

As always, thank you for your support.  Remember, hope CAN save a life.  Love and light to you all.

        ~  Scott Thompson

If you, or someone you know is, or may become,  suicidal please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255 or visit www.save.org.  


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